Minting Metamaticians

A step-by-step guide on how to call a mint transaction directly through the smart contract using Etherscan.

Minting via DeFrag Website

Step 1: Connect your Ethereum Wallet

Step 2: Choose the total amount of Metamaticians you'd like to mint.

Step 3: Confirm transaction.

Optional: View your mint transaction process on Etherscan.

Step 4: View your Metamatician on OpenSea

Minting via Etherscan

Why should I know this?

Minting directly through the smart contract allows the user to bypass the website interface. This is critical to know in case the website experiences downtime, which is common with hyped NFT drops. The steps below apply to most NFT projects.

Step 1: Search the Contract Address on Etherscan.

Copy and paste the contract address into the search bar on Etherscan and click the address that pops up.

Step 2: Navigate to "Contract" Section.

Once you search the contract address you'll see this window. Click on the contract section.

Step 3: Click on "Write Contract"

Step 4: Connect your Ethereum wallet.

Step 5: Click on the "mint" function.

The naming of this function can be different depending on what the developers named it.

Step 6: Input Mint Price and Amount of NFTs you want.

You want to get this information from etiher the project site or discord. Make sure you have the correct price per mint and the max amount of NFTs you can mint in 1 transaction.
Quantity and mintItem: If you're minting more than 1 Metamatician you'll need to multiply total amount you're minting by .618 (cost of each Metamatician). For example, if you're minting 3, multiply .618*3= 1.854 and input that into "mintitem".
Deadline: The deadline is time now in seconds from epoch + 20 minutes in seconds.
new Date(new Date().getTime() + 20 * 60000).getTime()
JS Deadline^

Step 7: Confirm the transaction.

Once you've confirmed the transaction, the Matematcian(s) should arrive to your wallet shortly. In the meantime, you can view the status of your mint transaction on Etherscan. Simply paste your wallet address into the search bar as you did in Step 2. You'll be able to view your most recent transactions.

Step 8: View your Metamatician on OpenSea

We will use the most common marketplace for viewing your NFT(s) in this example. Go to Opensea and connect your Metamask wallet.
Once you connect you will be rerouted to your portfolio view where you will be able to see your NFT holdings.